BARADJ - ELAN (2013)
BARADJ - BARS (2012) Play through
BARADJ - SUMBEL-NAURUZ (2015) Playthrough

baradj is a metal band from russia formed in 2003 in the town of yelabuga (tatarstan). the band was formed around the idea of promoting history and culture of volga bulgars and tatars among the young people around the world. the philosophy is simple. as the world tends to globalize, people tend to forget their history. information gets distorted and lost, so people lose power over their own lives. this fact affects every nation, so the band's mission is not only to promote their native culture, but also to encourage people to discover and remember their own roots.

the group's music tends to comprise spacious, atmospheric sound along with the combination of folk motives of the ancient bulgar ethnicity and the elements of such genres as progressive metal, art metal, post metal, melodic death metal, ambient metal, post rock. the result of such combination is the unique compositional structure and melodies, which was tagged "post folk metal" by the band's members.

as for today, baradj released 3 full-length albums, including:

  1. altinchach [demo-album] 2006 – it took 2 years to create the band's first demo-album;
  2. nardughan [2012] – ­­5 years were spent to compose and record the second lp;
  3. hunnar [2019] – ­third lp's way to its release took 6 years.

at each of those stages, the band's line-up was different, and its sound evolved together along with evolution of the crew. baradj came up with an idea to create an interesting album with elements of progressive metal and ethnical ambient with the sound of guitars and rhythm section. third album is a concept work that has been tailored to perfection during 6 years of recording work, experiments and search of unique sounding. and now, this idea is finally a reality, ready to tell forgotten stories from the world of legends and tales of ancient huns.

  • djonathan lindaive – guitar (2003–present), vocals (2006–present)
  • anton lisin – drums (2010–present)
  • aleksey lozhenkov – guitar (2018–present), bass (2011-2018)
  • ruslan latypov – bass (2018–present)

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